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Submissions Guidelines

Reader Response

Send feedback and suggestions to APW.

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How to Submit to APW

Submit your work for reader critique in the APW Forums.

Once a month, we publish poetry submitted to our mailbag for display on our Guests' Pages and Forums Pages.

Please join us and offer your comments and criticisms to the authors. We hope this exchange will assist the authors in revising their works, and give us all a few fresh ideas for revising our poems-in-progress into finished drafts.

Readers, please take the opportunity to share your thoughts with our guests in the APW Forums.

APW accepts original writing that demonstrates a work of honest communication. We look for what is at stake in the writing along with what is important in the work for other people to read.

We prefer to feature poems that have been written in response to the writing exercises posted in the Classroom, however, we also accept poems on all topics and general themes.

Basic Guidelines

1) Submit up to three poems per month.

2) Please use standard spelling and punctuation.

3) With each poem, include one or two SPECIFIC questions about your draft upon which you wish APW readers to comment.

4) Please include the name of the writing exercise you have completed in the subject line of your email (i.e., APW Submission: Five Senses so that we may sort your submissions.

5) Please include the name and URL of your blog or website. If you have them, also include your Facebook and/or Twitter name so others may contact you there.

Poetry is essentially the soul's search for its release in language.

Joseph Brodsky

To protect your privacy and prevent spam, APW does not publish a direct link to your email address. So that other poets may contact you, your email address will appear in the following form:

Your Name (at) nameserver (dot) com
Therefore, APW's email address would appear as:
submitapw (at) gmail (dot) com

In this manner, real poets may contact you.

If you do not wish your email address to appear in ANY form, you must specify so in your submission. You may receive comments from readers via the Forums, without having to reveal your email address.

Submit your poem in the body of an email. No attachments, please.

Upon your request, APW may post your poem in the Forums with restricted access. A password will appear beside your name. To view and comment on your work, readers must type the password. In this way, your poem remains unpublished, and you may submit it for publication elsewhere.

APW hopes to assist you in improving and publishing your work!

Submissions lacking questions will go unacknowledged.

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